Handmade Green Zombie Catz Cat Monster Spice Jar Artist Judhe Jensen Zombie Gift For Her Cat Gift For Him Halloween Gift Cat Spice Jar


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*Judhe Jensen is officially retiring so buy now. This is the last one.*
Here we have a Handmade Green Zombie Catz Cat Monster Spice Jar. It was made by Artist Judhe Jensen of Topeka Kansas. They are approx 5″ tall. They are brand new.
All pieces are unique hand made creations made from clay.
They are dishwasher and microwave safe. The pieces are also oven-proof, but NOT stove-top proof. It They are lead free.
About the artist:
Judhe Jensen (she uses the signature of MJ2) was born and raised in Southern California and is the owner of Wizard’s Toys, a pottery studio specializing in, what she describes as, her functional, three-dimensional illustrations—sculpted pottery.

Judhe does all the work herself, mixing her own glazes and uses no molds. Each piece is handmade and unique—a one of a kind Toy, a Wizard’s Toy.